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With her daily parenting duties winding down, Karen decided to turn her attention to helping struggling moms to live the peaceful life they would like to live.  Her course, Mom Mastery is designed to help struggling moms find the peaceful, productive and loving life they crave.


Karen has a passion for writing, family and helping others create a life that gives them great joy, whatever that might be.

Her 3 current books Everyday Heroes of Motherhood, Happiest Holidays: Your guide to a budget friendly, organized and fun holiday season and 101 Parenting Tips, Tricks and Bits of Wisdom are the result of two plus decades of joyful living as a wife and mother.

As her journey with everyday parenting is coming to a close, she is now dedicated to helping other women enjoy that journey as much as she has.


Better Living Daily is the Karen Bemmes blog that shares her journey through spiritual parenting and living.  She is dedicated to living consciously and sharing the revelations along the way.


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